Monday, May 10, 2010

4 Months

Just a quick update before I head to bed.

We took Landon for his 4 month check-up.

14 lbs 15 1/2 oz
24 3/4 inches long

The DR said we can start feeding him yellow veggies and mild fruits.

Our little boy was in quite a bit of pain right before bedtime. It breaks my heart. We fed him his cereal and formula, gave him some meds, and Nana rocked him to sleep!

Hopefully he gets a good nights sleep and will be back to my normal little boy in the morning!

Hope everyone has a great evening!


Professor Ladbug said...

How long was he at the last appointment? Do you know how long he was at birth?

Professor Ladbug said...

oh..and Nana loved rocking him to sleep! One of the perks!!!!