Sunday, January 4, 2009

Final Day of Christmas Break :o(

Break went by way too fast. We had a great time with family and friends, but it just never lasts long enough! We have celebrated Christmas with all of our families except one. We are planning to head to Ohio over MLK weekend to have Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Henderson.

New Years Eve turned out to be a blast. Plans were kind of up in the air until the night before but I think all who came had a good time. At least I hope! It was good to spend some time with Tony, Bev, Court, Jeremy, and Matt. I looked back on the messages on the Wii from that night and New Years day and I think we banked almost 9 hours of play time on the Wii. Nice :o) We had a lot of fun!

I've gone to Indy twice over break to have internal ultrasounds. Fun, right?! No, not really. They weren't as bad as the very first one I had. They are actually just starting to be a routine for me. Doesn't phase me much anymore. I go for another ultrasound and blood work tomorrow morning at 8 before I have to be at work at 8:30. What a way to start the new semester, right? It should be fine. They are just checking to see how many follicles I have in my ovaries and to see if they need to up the dose of the shots. After my ultrasound yesterday at 7AM in Indy...they decided to double the dosage for last night and tonight. So we will see what that does tomorrow when I go to the doctor. I am so glad we are going to Dr. Henry. He and his nursing staff are amazing! They make us feel very comfortable with all the new things they are throwing at us. I just really appreciate my nurse, Jamie, for not getting annoyed when I ask a million questions. I just feel like it's a lot of money to throw away if we don't do everything the way we should. Not that they guarantee anything but I just don't want to lessen our chances by not doing something right! I am so thankful to have Blaine as my husband and my rock throughout this whole thing. He is a saint when it comes to actually giving me the shots. It's kind of nice to have an EMT give me my shots instead of having me freak out trying to give them to myself! (one, two, three, ouch, poke)

Anyway, I better get some stuff done around here. I know that I will be exhausted this week after going back to work on Monday. And the shots don't give me any more energy ;o) It seems like I've been exhausted ever since I started taking them! But hopefully it will be all worth it! Keep praying...that's what we do! :o)