Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy weekend..

First of all I want to start this post by saying Happy Birthday to two of my favorite people...

Happy Birthday to my BFF Court! Love and miss you so much.


Happy Birthday AWood! Hope you get your win tonight!!

I can't believe that Landon is already 3.5 months old. It's crazy. Our next court date is May 19th. Then we have one June 10th. Then hopefully soon after the adoption will be finalized! Keep your fingers crossed :o)

This week has been full of checking off things on my "to-do" lists, most of which have to do with Megan's Bridal Shower.

Hopefully tomorrow will go fast and we can come home and pack up the car. Then we are off to Francesville until sometime Saturday afternoon/evening. Grandma Henderson and Aunt Greta are coming from Ohio! They are going to come down here after the shower to see our houses. They are going to make their way to Meg's house then come over to ours and then we are all going to go to dinner somewhere. It should be a fun day!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

*I'm secretly hoping we get the rain we are supposed to get so Blaine can go with me this weekend!

More later..

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