Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's all happening!!!!

Just wanted to post a quick note saying that I'm waiting on the Case Worker to get here to do a quick home study!

As soon as Blaine is off work and home we are heading north to bring our new son home!!!!


Mrs. Bushey said...

That's awesome news!!! I'm sure you guys are super super excited! Congrats on your baby boy mama!

Joy said...

Hi Hilary! It's Joy Huber here. I found your blog through Erin. Thats so exciting that you guys are going to have a baby boy!! Being a mom is the best thing ever! We have a blog as well. It is private though. I am going to add you to my list of blogs I read. If you want to see our blog just respond to this and give me your email address. I can then add you to my blog.

Hilary Yaggie said...

Thanks guys! It's all very exciting! And yes Joy, it's the best thing ever. We've waited so long for this to happen and it's finally happening. I want to post more but I'm going to wait to go into more details about everything until the adoption is finalized.

Thanks for all your support.

Joy, I'd love to read your blog!

Joy said...

Hilary, can I get your email address so I can email you an invite to view my blog? Thanks!

Hilary Yaggie said...